Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Grass Karts

Eastland Grass Kart Club had their first season December 2013-March 2014.  The boys were fortunate enough to have an amping Poppa who decided to buy a kart for them to use.

There were three classes: Rookies (ages 5-10), Young Guns (ages 11-15) and Open.
Salem raced in the Rookies, Eli in the Young Guns, Dave sometimes in the Open.  I raced in one meeting in the open with interesting results: won the first by about half a lap; fourth in the second race from back of the field; last race I tried to get back my first placing by attempting to overtake on a corner, with almost no visibility from the dust.  The result was disastrous, to say the least!  I hit into something, hurt my head, then woke up strapped in but keeled over to one side. ( I was wearing a helmet, neck-brace and seat belts,as per track rules). Talking to a driver afterwards who was behind me, he filled me in on the details: I must've hit a tyre -used to mark out the edges of the track- then launched into the air, apparently spectacularly, hit my head on the way over, then landed back on all four wheels.  It cost me 7 hours in a&e under observation and various x-rays.  I had only broken my a.c joint which heals around the break.  But it also cost me a good couple of months of summer with no surfing-grrr!  Consequently, I stayed away from racing for the rest of the season, tyres were removed from the track and many roll-bars were modified.
Dave in orange kart on right, on the dummy grid
Dave raced in a few meetings, looking sometimes focused, sometimes a bit confused, and often looking quite comical with his long gangly frame trying to keep him in the seat.  It didn't work first meeting, he tipped it sideways, arms and legs going in all directions like a "daddy-long-legs spider" trying to right himself!  He was often confined to the pits, trying to get the boys ready for their races, while I helped out on the flags.

Kart loaded on Dad's home-built hot-rod: the Model A pick-up
Salem was a very cautious, yet conscientious driver, often quite a bit slower than the others.  He had the uncanny knack of sub-consciously blocking drivers from getting past him very easily!  Over the course of the season though, he gradually got more confident and a bit faster.  Because he managed to complete every race, his consistency paid off and he ended up with third placing for overall points in his age.
Salem got most improved Junior driver
Salem receiving his trophy at prize giving
Eli was consistently an aggressive but focused driver, with sheer determination mixed with a lot of delight on his face!  He also improved throughout the season, even giving the guys in the open a bit of a run for their money in a couple of the "fun" races.  Eli did so well, he ended up 2nd out of the whole club for overall points.
Eli receiving the cup for 1st in the Young Guns division
2013-2014 trophy winners-I got the hard luck trophy!
Eli makes cover and back page in #7 kart
A very cool first season, really neat bunch of people, everyone keen to help and look out for each other, and always a lot of laughs to be had-thanks guys, keep up the good work.
Eden too young to race, took a liking to my trophy.  Obviously aware of the camera flash too!

The boys and the trophies:

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