Homeschool Activities

Every now and then people ask what the boys get up to for homeschooling and I can't think of anything to tell them other than just the usual book work.  Looking back through our photos, things don't look quite so grim, so thought I'd share a select few recorded extra-curricular activities from this year...

Larisa taking Eli for a ride on Mannie.
Salem's turn.
One of many Lego creations, which also leads onto many Lego
Eli and Daniel, Have a Go Kid's Sailing.
Eden makes the most of swimming while the others
head towards Young Nicks' Head.
Gisborne Airport Visit
1933 Field Air plane: the first top-dressing plane in Gisborne.
A bucket was tipped over the side and it had canvas wings.
Eden on the flight simulator that spins around (Eden was the primary engine
 for spinning the other kids around with his road-runner legs; his turn for a ride).
At flight control tower we got to watch a few planes come and go.
Trying out the 'copter.

Science roadshow
The sheep shack: a place to hang even in the cold. They dug out the floor
 so they could  have sitting head-room. Eli also upgraded with a borrowed
candlelabra to make it more "homely"!
Not overly happy having to pose for a photo, far more important things
to be doing in the sheep shack!
The Sheep Shack, aptly named due to the sheep skull on top!
 Hinged door even.
Eli's Ned Kelly armor made of corrugated iron- ideal for jousting.
More weapons of mass destruction.
Eli commanding Josiah from his chariot..

Homeschool Greek appreciation day..
What's a celebration without food?! Stacey the legendary
organizer of our group.
Salem's stone-age weapon.
The boy's surprise for me: a teepee!
Lunch delivered to the teepee, complete with bamboo candle torches.
Salem dug this clay out of the creek bed.
Clay pots and bowls about to be fired in the brazier.
Star gazing inside the inflatable dome at the museum.
Art class with the homeschoolers.
Fun day at the Marae.
Eli's kite of harakeke (flax).
Eli's homemade chess pieces from paper and Lego.
Dave and Eli trying out the game.
Salem's entrepreneurial skills- he dug up the treasure from a secret
location near-by.

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