The House That Dave Built

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The day we signed the final purchase papers for our section was a great day...I had just earlier given birth to our third son, Eden at home!

Some 6-10 months later, we five shifted into the 9x4 metre shed Dave had built so we could afford to continue building.

Our amazingly hospitable neighbours' regularly harboured our children, provided many refreshments, let us use their toilet and washing machine for the first month, and shower for two months!-Not an easy feat for a family of 5 in a two-bedroom house.

We spent  2 and 1/2 years in that shed, Dave building after hours (from his normal roofing job), and 3 day weekends, being very focused and seriously surf-deprived.

 For the most part, I only have fond memories, with the exception of two things:      
-the constant muddy clothes that comes with a crawling, exploring toddler, trying to keep up with his equally muddy older brothers
-washing the outside tap..with no spouting to protect my neck from the chilly drips!

The constant thought that this is good training for living on a boat kept me focused and determined to make it work.  Course, it was hard at times, but time passing has a funny way of making you only remember the good bits:)

Eli practicing guitar under plum tree



  1. You are the most wonderful family and we wish you great adventures on land and sea. You all did an amazing job building the house, made beautiful decisions about design, light, shelter, appointments, colors, and garden design, plus more and more that we love so much, Peter, Sarah, Pahl

  2. Thanks guys, so glad you are enjoying it, you have made it look even better:)