Kia Ora, welcome to our blog.
Eden, Salem and Eli, rocky lounge, Mahia Peninsula, N.Z

We are Vicki, Dave, Eli, Salem and Eden from Gisborne, New Zealand.

Some six (or so) years ago, a tiny seed of a dream appeared to me, Vicki, to sail to other lands and experience other cultures with our kids.  The dream was persistent and grew at a steady rate.  I could no longer ignore it.  Then I read an inspiring little motivational piece about coming up with a plan for your life. We discussed our dreams (thankfully we were on the same page) and different ways we could come up with some cash-legitimately, of course!  

We researched all manner of boats, and boat related things, and did some time on our trailer-sailer.
For the last year and a half, we have had the financial means to vigorously peruse the world's "yachts for sale" sites, travelled numerous times up and down N.Z checking out boats, marinas, boat yards and talking to anybody we could.  

Old house, new house: tent to framework of wee tree house
Three weeks before Christmas 2013, we sold our house.  But, the boats we had lined up fell through. We stayed with friends and family for a few weeks and have been camping for the last three months in my parents' small orchard.

So here we are, still sending out email enquiries, visiting boats, making offers, trying to be patient and not make a hasty, regretful decision.  Dave finished work three weeks ago and has been building our (trailer-able) wee tree house: for storage and back-up.

Dave and Eden on ferry heading into Picton, South Island

Eden and Eli on arrival to South Island

Eden's first flight experience on windy Cook Straight

We hope for some development soon 'cos winter is fast approaching and I'd sure like to be somewhere more tropical!

Thanks for checking us out and, watch this space...

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