Sunday, 24 April 2016

Of decisions, destinations, fun times and feijoas!

A number of friends voiced some concern from my last post, so thought I better reassure readers that we are A.O.K!!

dress up party: Spanish pirate and Shogun from the 
NZ movie "Boy"
We quite often get comments about “how lucky” we are, so I wanted to show that things aren’t always palm tree lined beaches, sunbathing and sun-downers (drinks on sun-down).

As in every lifestyle, there are always hurdles and challenges to overcome.  One of the great things Dave and I noticed about our year on the boat is how well (generally speaking), we do work together, we make a pretty good team.
Christmas day: family surf

It’s been 7 months since we returned to NZ and through much discussion, deliberation and time passing on land, we feel more resolved and determined to continue on with our boat plan/lifestyle. 

The apprehension is still there but we will continue on anyway, God willing, with the aim of returning to the boat in February 2017.  

There we will be making the necessary preparations for the big sail: from the Netherland Antilles, up, over the Colombia head, down to Panama (10-12 days sail approx.). Waiting to cross the Panama Canal can take a week or two, but the crossing is only a couple of days.  The Galapagos islands, about 5-6 days out from Panama is not affordable for us to stop so, from Panama, the Pacific crossing to the Marquesas, will be for us approximately 30+ days.

(click on the red balloons for a bit more info or zoom in to find the actual islands!).

In the meantime, saving continues and so does life.  Here's a few snapshots of what we've been up to:

Visiting the home I grew up in, Coromandel Peninsula...
View from my old house

Whitianga estuary

Salem and Eli in the water digging for pipis
Pipi hunters return with a hefty load each
Hot Water Beach: trying to find the sweet, hot spot

Hot water beach, ocean side

family reunion at cousin's farm by the river, homemade bbq consisting of cow's feeding trough and river stones
 Tologa Bay, NZ's longest wharf of 600m

Surf search up the coast: Tologa Bay or Uawa

Our place: Gisborne

Gisborne harbour and city

Pohutukawa tree in blossum: NZ's Christmas tree.  Young Nick's head in background, Gisborne

Eden gets third in two day go kart club champs!

Eden catching waves by himself!

Great shot of Eli surfing, thanks to Derek

And when there's no surf, "tarp surfing" it is!

This next picture is especially for our non-New Zealand readers: the fruit we missed the most last autumn...

the glorious tangy, sweet "feijoa". You can eat the skin and flesh. If you're going to visit NZ, I highly recommend our autumn- April/May.

Until next time, may you enjoy the ride that is life.

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