Saturday, 21 June 2014

We have a boat!

May I introduce you to Wisdom, our newly acquired sailing vessel:)  She is currently residing in Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean.

For those of you interested in more specific details, here you go:

Merritt Walter design
build finished year 2000
aluminium schooner
LOA: 54 ft
beam: 12 ft 6 in
LWL: 32 ft 6 in
displacement: 32000 lbs
ballast: 8000 lbs

Not sure at this stage if we will keep the name, so if any particularly creative people have a good name, we are open to suggestions!  
She has earned the nick-name from other passing cruisers as "The Purple Pirate Ship".  I liked the name so much I thought it would make a good name for my blog.  Saying this name over the vhf however, could be a bit of a mouthful, especially in foreign countries if we have to spell it out, using the NATO phonetic alphabet, or where piracy is a major concern! I'm also a bit weary about getting ourselves in a situation like: "this is Wisdom... on the rocks!"

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  1. Good On Yous! So stoked on the grass karting (I had a 100cc Yamaha pavement kart). Adventure is the stuff of true living!!! Cheerio Mates, Pahl Dixon