Sunday, 15 June 2014

Wee Tree House

While homeless and waiting for the right boat to come along, our tent and all it's contents were becoming more and more damp. We decided a storage/sleeping area was the next best thing to do. We came across (online) another couple in Auckland who had built a trailer-able "Wee-house".

We were inspired, Dave set to work planning and building with what materials he could scavenge from the left-overs of our last build and some bits and pieces Mum and Dad had also. We ended up having to buy very little and it took him the most part of a month, with help from the boys and I to knock up our Wee Tree House.

Pulling down fence, clearing out flax.
 Base built on steel girders, so it can fit on a trailer.
Dave and Eli framing and laying floor joists for mezzanine floor.
Window framed.
Almost complete; had a tarp doorway for a month till
we could find a cheap one!
Bunk below with belongings stored, ladder fixed in
 place to mezzanine floor.
Looking at ground floor from the ladder.
Eden, Dave and I up top, very warm and cosy!

Salem's photo of our wee tree house, door fitted.
In the orchard, under the pin oak tree.

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